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HSK Test Prep Lessons Level 6

This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who can understand a wide range of demanding topics, recognize implicit meanings, but still have some difficulty in expressing yourself spontaneously, and precisely.

What you will learn

    You will acquire 5000 basic Chinese characters
    You can understand and use very simple Chinese words and phrases
    meet the most basic communication needs
    master the most basic HSK grammar.
    you will be ready to take HSK test
    level 6 with exam skills
    How to conduct sentence with basic grammar


After finish HSK test Level 5


Advanced level for students who can talk with native speakers in Chinese fluently and somewhat effectively. You have a broad active reading vocabulary, but may experience some difficulty in delivering a lengthy Chinese speech. And able to Plan, organize and translate thoughts into writing. Understand a wide range of demanding topics, recognize implicit meanings.

Saluran ini akan datang tidak lama lagi!
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