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Primary 4 Enrichment Class

Our Primary 4 Enrichment Programme provides a more rounded education for P4 students to overcome challenges in learning Chinese at school and to achieve better grades. Our familiarity with the MOE syllabus and continual updates of our curriculum are the programme's key strengths.

What you will learn

    Complement the MOE school syllabus
    Practise regularly on comprehension, the main component of the syllabus
    Learn how to perform well during oral and listening comprehension examinations through guidance lessons
    Emphasise on vocabulary building, word recognition and sentence construction
    Pick up examination skills through regular tests, revisions and mock examinations
    Spelling to deepen the students’ impression on characters and vocabulary learnt previously


students with some knowledge of Mandarin and basic 800-1000 chinese words , phrases , and grammar


This course is for intermediate chinese learner who has intermediate mandarin knowledge and around 800-1000 chinese words. From this course you will acquire 300-400 chinese words, Able to recognize, pronunce and tell meaning. Develop intermediate reading and writing (speaking, writing) skills, focusing on listening, Training for speaking, oral interaction, literacy and writing

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