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Secondary 2 Chinese (Higher)

Our Secondary 2 chinese Higher Programmes offer a more rounded Chinese education and help our students to acquire the necessary skills to master Chinese at school and attain better grades.
we focus on 4 areas:
Emphasis 1:
电邮及作文写作 Email & Essay Writing
私人电邮 Personal Email Writing
公务电邮 Official Email Writing
记叙文:情景创作 / 命题作文 Essay Writing
论说文 Argumentative Writing
报章读后感/材料作文 Newspaper & Material Review
Emphasis 2:
文章分析 Analysis of Comprehension passages
解答技巧 Answering techniques and skills
片段缩写 Summary Writing
Emphasis 3:
专题讨论 Topic Discussion
报章阅读 Reading of related newspaper articles
时事新闻 Discussion on Current Issues
热门焦点 Discussion on Hot Topic
多媒体网络资讯 Multimedia & Internet Resources
Emphasis 4:
语文基础训练 Language Building
字词练习 Vocabulary Practice
熟语训练(成语.俗语.谚语等) Proverbs & Idioms
综合填充 Cloze Passage
病句改正 Correction of Sentence
句子缩写 Summary of Sentence

What you will learn

    Regular and frequent practice of composition and comprehension, the main components of the syllabus, on alternate weeks.
    Weekly browsing of textbook & introduction to new vocabulary are followed with vocabulary test to deepen the students’ impression
    Learn how to perform well during oral and listening comprehension examinations through guidance lessons
    Weekly topic discussion on excerpts from media (e.g. news) or literary works as co-curricular activities to promote critical thinking
    Pick up examination skills through regular tests, revisions and mock examinations
    Frequent evaluation through weekly vocabulary tests, practices, monthly revision tests, and mock examinations


students with some knowledge of Mandarin and basic 2300-2400 chinese words , phrases , and grammar


This course is for intermediate chinese learner who has intermediate mandarin knowledge and around 2300 chinese words. From this course you will acquire 500 chinese words. and understand ordinary conversations and short Chinese language materials , make speech and intonation correctly in daily conversations, simply express their feelings and describe one thing with basic sentence and write simple sentences to communicate with people

Saluran ini akan datang tidak lama lagi!
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