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How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese

It's very important to use proper greeting phrases in Chinese society. To do introduction is the first step when you want to make new friends or just get to know new people. Learning how to introduce yourself will help you improve your interpersonal relationships. Now let's see how to impress your new Chinese friends or the Chinese people you meet on a business occasion by your prefect self-introduction in Chinese.

Part 1. Introduce Basic Information

First of all, we should introduce our basic information such as name, personality and occupation. The introduction structure is very easy and clear in Chinese,"Sb. shì+ name/nationality/occupation".

About Name

1. wǒ xìnɡ我姓…


wǒ xìnɡ Perrin 我姓Perrin My last Name is Perrin

2. wǒ jiào 我叫


wǒ jiào James 我叫James My Name is James

3. wǒ shì 我是

wǒ shì James 我是James My Name is James

About nationality

4. wǒ shì 我是


wǒ shì fǎ ɡuó rén 我是法国人 I'm French

5. wǒ lái zì 我来自+Country


wǒ lái zì fǎ ɡuó 我来自法国 I come from France

About family

6. 我家里有5口人,There are 5 members in my Family

7. 我有…(relation)

wǒ yǒu yíɡè jiějie, liǎnɡɡè dìdi
I have one sister, two younger brothers.

About occupation

8. wǒ shì yì mínɡ 我是一名….(zhíyè 职业)
I am a ….(occupation)


wǒ shì yì mínɡ wǎnɡ zhàn biān jí
I'm a web editor

A complete sentence to do self-introduction in Chinese.

nǐ hǎo ,wǒ shì/jiào David, wǒ shì fǎ ɡuó rén , wǒ shì ɡōnɡ chénɡ shī 。
你好,我 是/叫David , 我 是 法 国 人 , 我 是 工 程 师 。
Hello, My name is David, I come from France. I currently work as an enginner.

hěn ɡāo xìnɡ rèn shí nǐ.
很 高 兴 认 识 你.
I'm glad to meet you

There are many nationalities and occupations, such as










Common Occupations in Chinese





Part 2. Additional Information Like Hobby

Besides the basic information, trying to introduce your hobby will help you attract attentions of others.

xǐ huɑn 喜 欢 like

So you may introduce your hobby like this:

wǒ xǐ huɑn chànɡ ɡē / xià qí / kàn diàn yǐnɡ / dǎ qiú / jiàn shēn / wán yóu xì

我 喜 欢 唱 歌 /下棋 / 看 电 影 / 打 球 /健 身 / 玩 游 戏

You're encouraged to post an introduction of yourself in Chinese in comment section below.

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