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A game called “Whisper”

Today’s intermediate reading article is describing a game called “Whisper”.

Pay attention to the use of the verb 转给 which takes the meaning of “to pass on”




Today I played a fun game with my friends, It is called “whisper”. A friend stands in front of the team to supervise. The second friend quietly passes a sentence to the next friend, they can move their mouth but must not make a sound. Then the message is passed on to the next person until it reaches the last person. They must tell everyone loudly what they heard.

We especially like this game, because the words that were originally delivered turned into something else at the end. It’s really fun.
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1 – 游戏叫什么?

a. 稍稍话

b. 悄悄话

c. 别说话

d. 捉迷藏

1. b
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