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About Nanjing

Learn about Nanjing in today’s intermediate article.

Nanjing used to be called “Nanking” by Westerners: nowadays it is almost always called Nanjing.





Nanjing is a city in Jiangsu Province, China. It has a very long history. This is because in ancient times, Nanjing was the capital of six different Chinese dynasties.

If you like Chinese history, you must come and see Nanjing.

The autumn in Nanjing is not hot or cold but very comfortable. The scenery is beautiful and colorful. It is best to come to Nanjing from September to November.
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1 – 在古时候,南京是多少个朝代的首都?

a. 六个

b. 三个

c. 十三个

d. 五个

2 – 什么季节来南京最好?

a. 春天

b. 夏天

c. 秋天

d. 冬天

1. c

2. c
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