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Can you recommend a place for me to travel to?

To recommend (推荐) is a very useful verb to know. You will hear it a lot while travelling in China, as people will always recommend places to visit, and food to eat.


赵磊:杰克, 中国的国庆节假期就要到了,好兴奋啊,可以出去玩了!

杰克 :是的,我也好兴奋,公司放假!可是,我不知道该去哪个地方旅游。你能推荐给我一个地方吗?








赵磊:Jack, the Chinese National Day holiday is nearly here. How exciting! We can go and and do something!

Jack :Yeah, I am very excited too, a break from work! But I don’t know where I should go travelling to. Can you recommend a place for me to travel to?

赵磊:Ok, let me think a little. I think you could go to Fragrant Hills in Beijing.

Jack:Fragrant Hills? It has a great-sounding name! Is it because the hills are so fragrant?

赵磊:Haha, no. It’s just its name. The scenery at Fragrant Hills is especially beautiful in Autumn. There are all kinds of different coloured leaves and plants.

Jack :It sounds very interesting. I want to go and see.

赵磊:Also, Beijing isn’t too far from where we are. We can take the subway straight there, very convenient.

Jack :Great, then I will go to Fragrant Hills. Thanks, Zhao Lei.

赵磊:You’re welcome. Have a good time!
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1 – 杰克会去哪里旅游?

a. 西安

b. 哈尔滨

c. 香山

d. 上海

2 – 杰克会坐什么去北京?

a. 汽车

b. 公交汽车

c. 火车

d. 地铁

1. c

2. d
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