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A Chinese reading article about the popular phone app DiDi. It allows people to order taxis and is very similar to Uber (for reasons you will see below).





DiDi is the most commonly used app for ordering taxis because it is comparitively cheap. As a result, no matter if the distance is near or far, most Chinese people will order taxis using DiDi.

In China, you can use an Uber account to log in to DiDi, because DiDi have bought Uber.

When a foreigner first comes to China, they don’t understand Chinese but can still use Uber to hail a taxi. If the driver has anything he needs to ask, it will be translated into English.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 滴滴是什么软件?

a. 聊天

b. 约会

c. 打车

d. 天气

2 – 为什么大部分中国人用滴滴打车?

a. 不方便

b. 车很好

c. 司机好

d. 便宜

1. c

2. d
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