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Healthy and unhealthy foods

A Chinese reading passage talking about healthy and unhealthy foods.





Being healthy is important for all people, especially children and seniors. For this reason, when choosing food to eat, people will differentiate which types of food are healthy and which types are unhealthy.

For ordinary people, fruit and fresh vegetables are helpful but the food you can purchase in Fast Food restaurants, such as burgers and french fries, everyone recognises them to be unhealthy and should eat less of them.

However, in the life of modern people, unhealthy food can be seen everywhere. It is more convenient to buy. Especially when people have finished working, they don’t have time to cook for themselves. They just want to go to a Fast Food restaurant to buy food.
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1 – 以下是健康食品的有?

①水果 ② 蔬菜 ③汉堡 ④油炸食品 ⑤薯条 ⑥街边小吃 ⑦牛奶

a. ①②③④⑤⑥⑦

b. ①②⑦

c. ③④⑤⑥

d. ①②⑥⑦

1. b
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