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How do you relax?

How do you relax? This Mandarin reading article has some good suggestions, and also some poor ones.

KTV is the most common way of saying karaoke.






When you feel tired, how do you relax yourself?

Some people choose to go straight to bed to rest. There are also some people who choose to go to places that let them feel relaxed, such as bars, KTV, resorts, etc. Drink a little alcohol at a bar to allow your anxieties to reside.

KTV is also the place where people go, where they and their friends can be immersed in an ocean of music.

No matter the method you choose, as long as you can relax it is good enough!
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1 – 作者认为在酒吧里喝点酒,会让人感觉怎么样?

a. 心情缓解

b. 心情复杂

c. 心情紧张

d. 心情郁闷

2 – 根据短文推测在KTV里可以做什么?

a. 吃饭

b. 睡觉

c. 唱歌

d. 工作

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1. a

2. c
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