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How to make Tomato and Eggs

Tomato and eggs is a very common dish across China – it’s tasty too!







There is a home-cooked dish on the Chinese table, called tomato and egg stir fry . It is called home cooking because it is often found on people’s tables, and it is easy to make and delicious. How do you make such a dish?

First, you need to prepare the ingredients, 2 tomatoes, 2 eggs, white sugar (add according to your own taste), salt and cooking oil.

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and set aside. Beat the eggs into a bowl. Pour the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, pour the beaten eggs in and fry until golden. Then take the fried eggs out for later use.

Put a little oil in a pot, add the chopped tomatoes and stir fry once the oil is hot. Add the appropriate amount of salt and stir-fry until it looks like soup. Then add the fried eggs and add the right amount of white sugar according to taste. Stir fry the tomatoes and eggs together, then you can take it out of the pot.

A Chinese national dish of tomato scrambled eggs is ready!
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1 – 在制作西红柿炒鸡蛋的过程中不会用到的材料是什么?

a. 白砂糖

b. 食用盐

c. 醋

d. 油

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