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I fell down

This Mandarin dialogue is very informal.







小陈:Xiao Liu, what’s wrong with your face? Why is it bandaged up?

小刘:Don’t get me started! I have been so unlucky recently. At the weekend I was taking the children out to the suburbs for fun, the weather was too cold and the road so icy. I walked and fell. My eyes and nose were bleeding.

小陈:This really is bad luck. Did you go the dospital? Is it serious?

小刘:Just a flesh wound, but it is not easy to recover in winter, you need to apply gauze. It is really important to be careful when going out in winter.

小陈:Yes, the roads in winter freeze very easily. Whether you are driving or cycling, you should pay attention to safety.
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1 – 小陈怎么会摔倒呢?

a. 开车太快

b. 骑车子太快

c. 孩子推倒了他

d. 走路摔倒了

2 – 小陈伤的严重吗?

a. 很严重

b. 一点都不严重

c. 划破皮肤

d. 不清楚

1. d

2. c

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