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I work in a restaurant

This Chinese article has lots of important vocabulary.

打工 is very useful, it means to work a temporary/casual job. Students often use it for their part-time job.





After school, I go to a restaurant to work as a waiter.

When I work in a restaurant, what I need to do is to carry plates, pour beer for the guests, and clean up after it closes.

In addition to having money, I can also eat dinner at the restaurant. The manager felt that I was working very well and decided to give me a raise, giving me 150 Yuan each week.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 放学以后我去餐厅干什么?

a. 打篮球

b. 当服务员。

c. 看电影

d. 吃晚饭

2 – 现在每个星期我有多少钱工资?

a. 一百块

b. 五十块

c. 一百五十块

d. 没钱

1. b

2. c
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