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Mr Li’s big mistake

A short Chinese story featuring a Mr Li.

李先生 is also the name of a popular chain of noodle restaurants in China.



他们买了许多东西,想着把物品放在车的后备箱里。但是,李先生就是打不开车门了,无奈一下,他们只能求助警察。警察正在耐心地帮助他们的时候,只听一个男人气愤地大喊到:”你们为什么动我的车?” 李先生看了一眼车牌号,呆住了,原来,那不是他们的车。

One day, Mr. Li and his wife drove to the mall to go shopping. They parked their car outside a store. Then they went shopping at the mall.

They bought a lot of things and wanted to put the items in the trunk of their car. However, Mr. Li just couldn’t open the door. helplessly, they could only ask the police for help. When the police were patiently helping them, they heard a man yelling angrily: “Why are you moving my car?” Mr. Li glanced at the license plate number and was stunned. It turned out that it was not their car.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 他们把车停在哪里?

a. 在商店上边

b. 在商店里面

c. 在商店外边

d. 在停车场

2 – 他们想把物品放在哪里?

a. 在地上

b. 在车后厢

c. 在警察车里面

d. 他们不想放物品

1. c

2. b
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