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My boyfriend’s annoying habit!

Learn how to complain about your significant other’s annoying habits by reading this intermediate Chinese article.





My boyfriend’s surname is Liu, he is very tall and looks very handsome. We are very happy every day when we are together. I love him very much. However, there is one little thing I especially hate. That is playing games.

After work every night, he spends hours playing games, sitting in a chair and staring at the computer screen. When I talk to him, he is indifferent! Moreover, he will spend a lot of money to buy gaming equipment and so on.

I hate this very much.
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1 – 她男朋友姓什么?

a. 王

b. 陈

c. 张

d. 刘

2 – 女生为什么不喜欢她男朋友玩游戏?

a. 因为女的不会玩游戏

b. 因为买游戏装备有点贵了

c. 因为他一直都玩游戏没有上班

d. 因为游戏太吵闹了

1. d

2. b

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