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My dog

A Chinese article about a dog named Wang Wang.





I like animals. I have a puppy in my family. Its name is Wang Wang. It is one year old this year. Its hair is white and black. It’s still small, its eyes are big, its nose is small, and it has a small tail.
Every day I prepare water and food for it. Wang Wang likes to eat bones. After dinner every day, I will take it for a walk and play with it. Of course, it also likes to play with me. It always watches TV with me, almost as if it can understand it. This mannerism is really interesting.

When I go to school every morning, it always wags its tail and watches me from the door. It is my best friend!
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 汪汪最喜欢吃什么?

a. 牛肉

b. 鸡肉

c. 狗食

d. 骨头

2 – 主人去上学的时候,汪汪会做什么?

a. 汪汪会很生气

b. 摆着尾巴

c. 汪汪会哭

d. 跟主人一起上学

1. d

2. b
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