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My nephew started kindergarten

A Chinese passage about someone’s young nephew (侄子).



最近,我发现他有点不开心了。因为,现在他上中班了,要开始背诵古诗和写字了。他不会写1,不会写2, 也不能区分清楚哪个数字是6,哪个数字是9,老师和家人就开始教给他怎么区分,让他安静下来写字。他就很不开心了。

My nephew is 4 years old today. He is currently attending kindergarten. Everyday at kindergarten he passes the time happily because he can see his beloved teacher and friends. Kindergarten also has lots of toys such as a trampoline, slide and a swing. He can play happily with his friends every day.

Recently, I have discovered that he is a little unhappy. He is now in the middle class and has to start reciting poetry and writing. He doesn’t know how to write 1, and doesn’t know how to write 2. He also cannot distinguish which number is 6 and which is 9. The teacher and his family have started teaching him how to distinguish them. They make him write quietly. This is why he is unhappy.
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1 – 她的侄子多大?

a. 三岁

b. 五岁

c. 六岁

d. 四岁

2 – 她的侄子在幼儿园哪个班?

a. 小班

b. 中班

c. 大班

1. d

2. b
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