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Reporting a crime

In China, 110 is the number you should dial for the police.









110:Hello, how can we help you?

报警人:Hello police. I want to report an incident. My electric bike has been stolen. Yesterday evening I parked it downstairs but when I went downstairs to take my child to school, I discovered it was gone.

110:We understand the situation. What community do you live in? What colour is the bike?

报警人:I live in Sunshine Community, my bike is black. The license plate is…

110:Ok, we will organise nearby police officers to go to your community and search everywhere. Please wait. Have you looked around yourself? Or asked the community management?

报警人:I have asked and I have also looked but neither helped. The community management still haven’t helped check the CCTV.

110:Ok, we will be there as soon as possible.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 什么东西被偷了?

a. 自行车

b. 汽车

c. 马车

d. 电动车

2 – 车子是什么颜色的?

a. 黑色

b. 白色

c. 棕色

d. 红色

1. d

2. a

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