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Seeing a football match

粉丝 is a phonetical of “fan”. A 足球粉丝 would be a “football fan”.





Wang Bin is a football fan. There is a match between the US team and the Chinese team. He really wants to see it.

He went to the ticket office and gave the conductor 10 yuan. The ticket seller said: “You still need to pay 10 yuan, the ticket price is 20 yuan.”

Wang Bin asked: “Why? I just want to see the Chinese team. I have no interest in other teams. Do you want me to buy a ticket for the other team? Impossible!”
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 票价一共多少钱?

a. 二十块钱

b. 二十五块钱

c. 十五块钱

d. 十块钱

2 – 篮球粉丝,用英文怎么表达?

a. Football fan

b. Basketball fan

c. Baseball fan

d. Golf fan

1. a

2. b
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