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To mend the fold after the sheep are lost

The title of this article is 亡羊补牢. It is a Chinese idiom that can mean “to act belatedly” or “better late than never”.

Idioms in Chinese are commonly made up of 4 characters.





In the past, a man raised a lot of sheep, but did not build a sheep pen for them.

One night, a lot of wolves ran down the hill and ate ten of his sheep. He regretted not building a sheep pen like he should have. Only after his sheep were eaten did he construct a sheep pen.

The meaning of this idiom is that events have already happened, and only then are they remedied.
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1 – 羊被什么吃掉了?

a. 猪

b. 龙

c. 狼

d. 狗

2 – 狼吃掉了多少羊?

a. 三只

b. 五只

c. 十只

d. 一只

1. c

2. c
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