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A short passage regarding a Typhoon over Guangzhou in Southern China.




Today’s weather is especially bad. A typhoon is over the entire area of Guangzhou. It is continually raining outside, the streets don’t have any pedestrians on them. The heavy wind is blowing, making leaves fall from the trees and goods blow all over the place. Also, I am very cold.

I hope the typhoon quickly passes by, then I can go out and play!
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 台风过去以后,他打算做什么??

a. 去买东西

b. 出去玩

c. 上班

d. 散步

2 – 台风在哪里?

a. 河北

b. 黑龙江

c. 广东

d. 广州

1. b

2. d
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