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What do you do after work?

An intermediate reading article discussing how to spend time after work.

上班 means “to go to work” 下班 means “to get off work”.







What do you do after work in the evening? After a hard day finishing their work, everyone will return to their homes and enjoy a brief period of comfort and ease.

Every day my grandparents will sit on the sofa watching TV programs.

Mom and Dad will complete work that their work unit has not manage to complete, they will also study in order to improve their skills. After that, Dad will read newspapers and news. And mom will watch a video or a TV show for a while.

I will finish my homework. If there is still time, I will play the piano or draw. I hope that I can become a pianist or painter in the future!

I also know that some aunts and uncles that will use the evening time to go to the gym to exercise, or learn English. I hope everyone can cherish this time and work to improve themselves.

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1 – 爷爷奶奶会做什么?

a. 写作业

b. 弹钢琴

c. 看电视节目

d. 睡觉

2 – 妈妈爸爸做的不包括?

a. 把还没有完成的工作完成

b. 学习

c. 看报纸

d. 去健身房锻炼

1. c

2. d

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