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What has changed in Tianjin?

There are the best two answers given by a class of students in the city of Tianjin (天津) when asked “What was different in Tianjin when your mother was a child?”.

海河 refers to a system of waterways around 天津.

Answer 1:



Answer 2:



Answer 1:

I heard from my mother that when they were young, the main means of transportation were bicycles or buses and motorcycles. A few years later, It started to have a taxi. At that time, the taxis were all yellow, and the license plates were big fortune". People called it "Yellow big fortune"

Now in our era, bicycles, motorcycles and other transportation are being replaced by new changes. Private cars are used by almost every household. It takes about an hour or two to travel by plane.

Answer 2:

In recent years, Tianjin has undergone tremendous changes. Let ’s talk about Hai River!

The Hai River used to be: from a distance, the water was very turbid, garbage was floating everywhere on the river, and it smelled bad.

But the Hai River is different now. The river is crystal clear and the garbage on the water is gone! As soon as the sun shines,"the river appears sparkling.
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1 – 根据短文内容可以推断,这段话主要围绕什么话题展开?

a. 妈妈小时候的故事

b. 时代的变化

c. 以前的出租车为什么被叫做“黄大发”

d. 私家车发展迅速

1. b
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