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When you are unhappy…

Some advice on what to do if you find yourself feeling unhappy.


每个人的生活中都会遇到各种不开心的事情, 那么怎么才能够让自己慢慢地从不开心中跳脱出来,变得开心呢?


Everyone’s will encounter all kinds of unhappy things in life, so how can you let yourself slowly let go of the unhappiness and become happy?

You can find your good friends to talk to, go travelling, or go out and eat some food. Or sometimes, you just need some time to be alone with yourself and calm yourself down. No matter the manner, as long as you are happy it is ok.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 作者觉得怎样可以从不开心的情绪中恢复过来?

a. 出去旅游

b. 固执己见

c. 跟朋友吵架

d. 独处

2 – 每个人都会遇到不开心的事情吗?

a. 会

b. 不会

1. a

2. a
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