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Why should people learn Chinese?

Why am I doing this to myself? A question all Chinese learners ask themselves at some point.

Read the article below for reasons why learning Chinese is so beneficial!







Recently, the British government has allocated 10 million pounds to support English schools in teaching Chinese. The government’s goal is to have at least 5,000 British citizens fluent in Chinese by 2020. The UK is the number one country that actively learns Chinese.

So why are more and more people learning Chinese? The following aspects may explain:

First, China’s economy is developing rapidly. Countries from all over the world are becoming more united, and other countries need to do business with China. Naturally, they need to use Chinese.

Second, Chinese culture, Chinese kung fu, pandas, food, and other cultural elements are very attractive to people who live in other countries.

Third, the Chinese government backs other countries to learn Chinese. They have the Confucius Institute to provide Chinese teachers and other help.
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1 – 以下不是越来越多的人学习汉语的原因的是?

a. 英国年轻人为他们树立了可以学好中文的榜样

b. 贸易的需要

c. 文化吸引力

d. 中国政府大力支持其他国家学习中文

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