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Winter holiday is here!

Students have a month off school for Spring Festival. This time can also be know as a Winter Holiday (寒假).

As a HSK 4 article, the sentence structures are more complex than HSK 3.






The winter vacation that the students have been waiting for has finally arrived. Finishing the intense final exams, Chinese students will have about one month of winter vacation time. During this time, students are free to play, letting them actively think and giving them plentiful amounts of energy.

Of course, during the winter vacation, the teacher will also arrange homework which students must be serious about completing.

During the winter vacation, Chinese students will celebrate the traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival. On that day, family members from all over the world will return home to reunite with everyone.

Winter vacation is really a time of excitement!
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1 – 寒假大约多长时间?

a. 三周

b. 两个月

c. 一个月

d. 五周

1. c
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