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Xiao Ming’s day

A Chinese passage about Xiao Ming’s day complete with Pinyin and s.



七点钟的时候,他会准时离开家, 小明经常骑车子去上学,大约二十分钟以后他会到达学校,



Xiao Ming wakes up at six o’clock, washes before half past six, and has breakfast at half past six.

At seven o’clock, he leaves home on time. Xiao Ming often rides a bicycle to go to school. He arrives at the school after about twenty minutes.

From Monday to Friday, he has four classes every morning. He is especially good at learning English.

When he grows up, he wants to be an English teacher, so when he is in high school, he will go to the UK to study.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 小明几点吃早饭?

a. 6:00

b. 6:30

c. 7:00

d. 7:30

2 – 他会去什么国家留学?

a. 美国

b. 德国

c. 英国

d. 日本

1. b

2. c
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