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My family

This beginner’s Mandarin dialogue will teach you how to introduce people to your family.

认识你很高兴 is a formal way of saying “nice to meet you”.


小明: 王刚,欢迎来到我的家!

王刚: 谢谢小明!

小明: 这是我的爸爸,妈妈.

王刚: 叔叔好,阿姨好。小明经常提到你们。

妈妈爸爸: 你好,认识你很高兴。

小明: 我还有一个姐姐,但是她不在。她在大学里工作。

王刚: 希望下次可以看到她!

小明: Wanggang, welcome to my home!

王刚: Thanks, Xiaoming

小明: This is my mother and father.

王刚: Hello Uncle, hello Auntie. Xiao Ming often speaks about you.

妈妈爸爸: Hello, nice to meet you.

小明: I also have an older sister but she isn’t here. She is working at a university.

王刚: I hope to meet her next time.
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1 – 小明的姐姐在哪里?

a. 小明没有姐姐

b. 她在休息

c. 她在睡觉

d. 她在工作
1. d

2. b
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