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My favourite day

Learn to describe your day in Mandarin Chinese.

In Chinese, to play the piano is said as “弹钢琴” and should NOT be said as “玩钢琴”.






My name is Xiao Ming. My favorite day is October 18th, because that day is my birthday. I was very happy.
I had eggs and soy milk for breakfast that day. My friend came to my house to play with me, we played games together. Some people played the piano and some played the guitar.

The lunch was delicious and my mother prepared a big birthday cake for us. After lunch, my parents took me to see my favorite movie.

I was tired that day, but I was very happy.

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1 – 小明为什么喜欢10月18日?

a. 因为10月18日他会跟朋友玩

b. 因为10月18日他放假

c. 因为10月18日是小明的生日

d. 他不喜欢10月18日
1. c
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