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Soon it will be summer

Summer (夏天) is a great time to travel around China.

夏天到了 means “summer has arrived”. Whereas 夏天快到了 means “summer will soon arrive”.

了 should be read as “le” and not “liao” as given in the annotations.





It’s almost May, the weather is getting hotter and summer is coming.

In the summer, people like to go swimming: sometimes in the swimming pool, sometimes in the sea. It’s fun to go to the beach in summer.

Summer is here and as watermelon is ripe and sweet, people especially like to eat it!
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1 – 快五月了,哪个季节快到了?

a. 春天

b. 秋天

c. 冬天

d. 夏天

2 – 人们特别喜欢在夏天吃什么?

a. 苹果

b. 梨

c. 西瓜

d. 葡萄
1. d

2. c
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