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Talking about weather

Talking about weather is important.

Learn some useful weather-based words in the passage below.




I like spring in Beijing most because in the spring, the weather in Beijing is particularly good, always sunny with blue skies. I like the blue sky but I don’t like rain, so I don’t like Guilin in winter.

In the winter, Guilin is cold when it rains and the weather is very bad.
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1 – 我喜欢北京的什么天气?

a. 春天

b. 夏天

c. 秋天

d. 冬天

2 – 我不喜欢什么天气?

a. 晴天

b. 下雨

c. 都喜欢

d. 都不喜欢
1. a

2. b
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