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WeChat is very popular

An article about WeChat and its prevalence in Chinese society. In WeChat terminology: stickers are gifs that can be sent in conversations to convey emotions.





WeChat is the most popular software in China; almost every young person has it.

People use WeChat to chat, talk about work, order takeout etc. When chatting on WeChat, young people will use stickers, very fun!

WeChat users can also upload to their “Friend Circle”, this allows people to find out about your life. You can also use WeChat to pay!
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1 – 中国最流行的软件是什么?

a. 百度

b. QQ

c. 推特

d. 微信

2 – 微信不可以用来干什么?

a. 谈工作

b. 点外卖

c. 看天气

d. 给钱

1. d

2. c
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