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What is happiness?

Find the meaning of happiness by reading this beginner’s Chinese article.

动脑筋 means “to use one’s brains” and in oral Chinese is often spoken as 动脑子.




Xiao Ming is very fond of reading books and is very fond of thinking. On this day, Xiao Ming holds a book: “Nothing is more important than happiness! So what is happiness in the end?” Xiao Ming began to find the answer in order to figure out the problem.

One day, he had a fever. His mother busied to and fro and took him to the hospital, made delicious food for him, and patiently stayed with him. At this point, he understood. Happiness, happiness is mother’s love!
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1 – 小明喜欢动脑筋吗?

a. 喜欢

b. 不喜欢

2 – 谁照顾了小明?

a. 他的妹妹

b. 他的母亲

c. 他的父亲

d. 他的姐姐
1. a

2. b
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