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What is in your pencil case?

In this Chinese article, pay attention to the measure words used.

Although you should not say 一个橡皮, (it should be 一块橡皮); all Chinese people will understand if you say the first one.


李明: 小红,你的文具盒好漂亮啊!里面有什么呢?



李明:Xiaohong, your pencil case is very beautiful. What is inside it?

小红:In my pencil case there are three pencils, one eraser, a pencil sharpener, two pens and also my class schedule.

李明:You are really prepared!
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1 – 小红的文具盒有多少橡皮?

a. 四块

b. 三块

c. 一块

d. 六块

2 – 小明觉得小红的文具盒看起来怎么样?

a. 难看

b. 漂亮

c. 太小了

d. 太大了
1. c

2. b
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