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Where is the park?

Learn some directions and bearings such as: North (北), East (东), South (南), and West(西).

While in English we would say: North East South West; in China the order is spoken as East West South North (东西南北).

This is the 2nd part of a conversation that started at HSK 1. It continues at a HSK 3 level.






小红:Which park will we go to?

小明:Which park do you want to go to? We can swim at the park west of our school but we can’t go fishing there. At the park to the east of the school we can see monkeys and do some climbing. Which one do you want to go to?

小红:I want to go and see monkeys!

小明:Then let’s go to the eastern park.
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1 – 学校西边的公园不可以干什么?

a. 游泳

b. 看猴子

c. 爬山

d. 钓鱼

2 – 他们去了哪个公园?

a. 学校西边

b. 学校南边

c. 学校北边

d. 学校东边
1. d

2. d
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